Knut dies - PETA lectures

Sunday, March 20, 2011

GERMANY'S world-famous polar bear Knut has died to a fanfare of lecturing by animal-rights lobby People for the Ethical treatment of Animals (PETA).

The photogenic bear was reared from a cub at Berlin Zoo by devoted keeper Thomas Doerflein after being rejected by his mother at birth.

The cub weighed just nine kilograms when born and became a star attraction at the zoo.

His untimely death this week was purportedly from a heart attack, although the cause is still being investigated.

Controversy broke soon after Knut's birth when PETA activist Frank Albrecht said he should have been put down after he and his twin brother were rejected by their mother. Apparently 'animal rights' does not include the right to live.

PETA then went on to launch a campaign to castrate the bear and this week has been reported as blaming the zoo for the death.

'We asked zoo authorities to move Knut. His premature death could have been avoided,' PETA said.

The group went on to attack what it said was 'intensive' breeding of polar bears in zoos and claimed putting him in an enclosure with three females led to 'enormous stress'.

The lobby declared that polar bears 'do not belong in captivity' although quite what the better option would have been for a hand-reared polar bear than being looked after by veterinarians and animal specialists at the zoo is anybody's guess.

But perhaps this was already answered by Mr. Albrecht several years ago.


Sharky said...

PETA should be ashamed of itself for using Knut's death in order to get attention. They don't give a crap about him and have no right to blame the Berlin Zoo for his death. They've never even worked there. By the way, his death was caused by epilepsy combined with a brain infection, not captivity. Wild polar bears can have the same conditions. Let me tell you something. Knut would've been dead in hours if his mother had abandoned him in the wild. Polar bears have a difficult life in the Arctic, even without the human threats they face. Most of them don't even make it to adulthood.

I dare PETA to come over and protest the Nashville Zoo for displaying African elephants. I'd love to hear them bitch and complain about how the elephants should be in a sanctuary. Those elephant sanctuaries may look nice and roomy, but they're not places of paradise. Many elephants have died at them within just months of their arrival. From what I've ready, they died from stress of being moved. Of course, it's always the zoo's fault, not the sanctuary's.

The Nashville Zoo's elephants have a state of the art savanna habitat that's four acres and has a waterhole, mudhole, rocks, logs, and real grass. They're living a decent life surrounded by loving trainers. The zoo recently got two new elephants named Rosie and Juno from the Jackson Zoo in Mississippi as companions for Hudari and Sukari after their beloved herd member, Kiba, died from degenerative joint disease. They're adapting well to their new home. They'll have a good life here. For them to be moved to a sanctuary could be very stressful. It's best they stay with the people who know them the longest.

Spike (Admin) said...

Well put Sharky.

Unfortunately shame isn't in PETA's vocabulary.

Sigh said...

Where were these peta goofballs when Keiko (aka the Willy in Free Willy) died?
People Eating Tasty Animals: Phony as a three-dollar bill since 1980

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