Depraved PETA to plunge head on into hard-core pornography

Monday, September 19, 2011

ANIMAL RIGHTS 'charity' People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will launch a debauched hard-core porn site this coming Christmas in a bid to promote its extreme vegan ideology.

In a move which will further fan the flames of critics who already view the extremist group as morally bankrupt, degrading to women and unworthy of its 'charity' status the website will depict images of explicit xxx pornography alongside advice on how to turn vegan.

"We're hoping to reach a whole new audience of people, some of whom will be shocked by graphic images that maybe they didn't anticipate seeing when they went to the PETA triple-X site," said Lindsay Rajt, PETA's associate director of campaigns.

However critics have already slammed the unscrupulous move as sexist, useless and disgusting.

"PETA is extremely disingenuous," said Jennifer Pozner, executive director of the New York-based advocacy group Women In Media & News. "They have consistently used active sexism as their marketing strategy to garner attention. Their use of sexism has gotten more extreme and more degrading.

"This may be in their minds the only thing left at their disposal to lower the bar," she said.

According to Dr. Peter C. Kleponis, the assistant director of Comprehensive Counseling Services in Pennsylvania, the lobby group's foray into hardcore porn is “ridiculous”.

“I can’t see this website doing anything to help their cause,” he said. “The people looking at it, they’re not going to care about the animals, they’re going to look at the porn. It’s not going to change their attitudes towards the treatment of animals. I don’t know who came up with that idea but it’s ridiculous.

He also says the site could be used by those more interested in bestiality than tofu.

“The people who would be really interested in this site are the people who have fetishes of hurting animals, who may have fetishes for bestiality, who associate animals with sex. “This is what it might actually increase."

PETA is also so focused on animal rights that they are willing to trample on human rights to advance their cause, he said. “It’s all about animals. Even if they have to exploit women for their own purpose, they will do it.”

News website Bikyamasr has also joined the fanfare of outrage and says PETA should be ashamed of itself.

"The exploitation of women for animal killing is abhorrent enough, but for a group that had earned the respect [?] of so many for so many years, this new porn site is yet another example that they have lost their way and continue to disgracefully corrupt the animal rights community," it editorialized recently.

The Christianity today women's blog is also 'shocked' and 'disgusted' at the forthcoming .xxx site.


Anonymous said...
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Wowzers said...

Have these crazy goofballs ever heard of personal dignity? People Eating Tasty Animals: Prostitutes & Evil Tyrants for Animals since 1980

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