Hypocrisy gone wild- Newkirk now 'sickened' by the sight of sexy chicks

Monday, October 24, 2011

THE MILITANT founder of the hardcore-porn promoting animal rights lobby PETA has revealed she is 'offended', 'sickened' and in a state of disbelief after seeing a photo of a sexy young chick in the New York Times.

But if you think the publicity hunting Ingrid Newkirk has had a change of heart about the virtually nude young women she prefers for her own campaigns you would be wrong.

Instead the offending picture -shown top left above- is that of a slightly raunchy pre-cooked bird possibly about to be roasted.

In a typical and hypocritical rant however it was the New York Times that got roasted after Newkirk unleashed her fury and bizarrely linked the photo to even necrophilia.

"When I saw it I just couldn't believe that an editor of The New York Times would find it acceptable," she declared with not a hint of irony.

"It's downright offensive, not just to people who care about animals but almost to everyone. It's [a] plucked, beheaded, young chicken in a young pose. It's necrophilia. It's not amusing. It's just ghastly and sickly."

Tina Loit, photo editor of the NYT Dining section which published the picture strongly disagreed and remarked that after they had gone to the effort of assembling it in this fashion it seemed to her like a "chicken with attitude".

Newkirk's latest hypocrisy was also not lost on the RSPCA.

"While PETA chooses to use celebrities and images of scantily clad young women to publicize many of their campaigns, the RSPCA is an animal welfare organization which bases its policies on science and common sense," said spokesman Tim Mayne.


Anonymous said...
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peta sucks said...

That chicken no doubt gave People Eating Tasty Animals what they deserve which is a taste of their own medicine!

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