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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

* THE PETA.XXX website has finally gone live and features a classy coterie of role models such as Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson. Curiously missing however is the perennial PETA favorite Heidi Fleiss. If you find washed-up and hypocritical porn D-listers spruiking PETA's tiresome agenda impressive you should check it out, although don't at this point expect actual raunch. It seems PETA has belatedly decided hardcore pornography could jeopardize its donations and is keen to represent itself as a responsible citizen. Quite how long it will do this however, remains to be seen. We will keep you posted.

* A new advertisement by the militant vegan lobby has been slammed by anti-violence campaigners for equating eating fish to domestic violence. According to the Sydney Morning herald, the video shows a screaming girl watching a man beat her mother, an attacker grabbing an elderly woman's blouse, and a bloodied schoolboy being kicked to the ground. It then shows a fish on a chopping board, opening its mouth, with the words: ''Some screams can't be heard.''

Virginia Geddes, executive officer of the Victorian (Australia) Domestic Violence Resource Centre, said she was ''horrified'' by the ad. ''I'm appalled that the lives of victims of violence are being compared to the life of a fish,'' she said. ''When PETA talks about 'shaking people up', have they thought about what being shaken up actually feels like for the women and children being abused?'' Karen Willis, executive officer of the New South Wales Rape Crisis Centre, said: ''To throw this in somebody's face without any warning is quite unethical. It re-traumatises them, and no one has the right to do that.''

* Still in Australia - Melbourne folk singer Missy Higgins has been bestowed the prestigious title of PETA's '2012 Sexiest Aussie Vegetarian Celebrity'. Fortuitously and entirely coincidentally Higgins has previously worked with the lobby on anti-meat and fur campaigns.

* Writer and editor Matthew Hennessey writes about PETA's bizarre cognitive dissonance in an article at First Things. A teaser from the article: '[PETA] advocates extending rights and protections to “nonhuman animals” of the lowest order (they even sell a $12 “humane” bug catcher that is perfect for the “compassionate person who wouldn't hurt a fly”), but explicitly takes no position on the protection of unborn humans'. Check it out...


Yikes said...

Do these animal-crazy goofballs ever learn!
People Eating Tasty Animals website:
Perverts Exposing T&A for Animals website: (NS4MA=Not suitable for mature audiences)

Spurwing Plover said...

Just another PETA idiot with sissy pink in the background he has STUPID written all over his face

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