Kitten almost dies after being force-fed vegan diet

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An animal hospital in Melbourne has reported a kitten force-fed a vegan diet was on the verge of death after its ideologically-driven owners bought the emaciated creature in wondering what might be wrong with it.

Sydney's Daily Telegraph reports that the kitten's vegan owners had made the feline also turn vegan and after feeding it a continual diet of potatoes, rice milk and pasta, it became critically ill.

"It was extremely weak and collapsed when it came in. It was almost non-responsive," Dr Leanne Pinfold from the Lort Smith animal hospital said.

The hospital was forced to make the kitten take fluids via a drip, place it on a heat pad and feed it meat. It remained in hospital for three days after which the kitten's owners were given meat to feed their pet at home.

Dr Pinfold said as obligate or true carnivores, cats needed meat to survive. She said people who wanted a pet that did not eat meat should consider other animals, such as rabbits.

"Concern for animal welfare has to include a biologically-appropriate diet," she said. "You can't force your ideology on the cat.

"Carnivores will seek out meat and your cat is possibly more likely to go hunting and kill local native fauna if you deprive it of meat.''

Dr Pinfold said she had not come across a similar case in her 11 years as a veterinarian.


Reely Androyds said...

Does Peta Have a sense of humor?

peta still sucks said...

Why can't Prostitutes & Evil Tyrants for Animals accept the fact that neither dogs nor cats nor HUMANS are supposed to be vegetarians!

TreeFrog said...

Now that's funny!

Leigh said...

Utterly crazy. The sooner PETA is exposed and consigned to history the better.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Just wow.. The fact they were too stupid to understand WHY it was critically sick is beyond me.

Spurwing Plover said...

Just how stupid are these people to want thier cat to be vegan just like they are? This just proves a study done a few years ago that a strict vegan diet may cuase a persons brain to shrink

Spurwing Plover said...

Kitten nearly dies after force fed a vegan diet this just proves a study which claimed strict vegans may have shrinking brains the owners must of had rocks in their heads

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